Terms ans Conditions

The Abortourism Travel Office is a non-profit project in the form of a fictional business enterprise. Its activity constitutes of the following: providing information about the legal rights to contraception and abortion and contraceptive and reproductive medicine services and legislations in the region.

The Abortourism Tavel Office would not like to promote any particular method of contraception or pregnancy termination. The making of the website was not funded or supported by any pharmaceutical companies or abortion clinics, and this website does not provide any advertising space for profit-oriented companies. The “travel agency” has no whatsoever direct or indirect interest in the realisation of any pregnancy termination.

The services offered are not possible to access, book or buy through “our travel agency” !The prices indicated in the travel packages are only estimations, both the respective prices of pregnancy termination and travel and accommodation costs are subject to variables.

The Abortourism Travel Agency excludes any responsibility and liability claim related to material or non-material damages incidentally accused by the use of this website, and does not guarantee, implicit or explicit the updating, correcting, totality, legitimacy, and quality of the information provided. The content of the external third-party URL’s, the availability of services and products they might promote is beyond the scope of the Abortourism Travel Agency and we accept no responsibility and liability.

If you need urgent information about contraception or abortion, you can call the PATENT helpline: +36-30-982-54-69 !